Saffron Records: new all-female label making changes one step at a time

Saffron Records. A Bristol-based record company with a twist.


Live Review: Montroze @ The Barley Sheaf, Cornwall, 25/02/17

Jason Bishop of Bristol-based rock newcomers Montroze rushes onto the stage at the 200-year-old Barley Sheaf. But despite the dated stone walls, wooden beams and unbelievably low ceilings, the band somehow makes their pop punk riffs feel completely at home.

Feature: The Van Chronicles

It seems that every other day or so another band is appealing via Facebook to recoup funds lost to robbery whilst touring. In the UK scene alone there has been over 15 cases where a band has had to turn to crowdfunding after equipment and merchandise has been stolen from tour vans

Feature: Is Secondary Ticketing Killing Small Bands?

Words by Phoebe Randall , photos by Getty Images & The Royal Albert Hall’s former president, Richard Lyttelton, has labelled the venue a ‘national disgrace’ after it promotes selling on tickets to secondary ticketing sites. With people purchasing tickets and re-selling them for profit, secondary ticketing is something that is increasingly becoming more of an... Continue Reading →

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